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Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims. Nicolai Sennels, Ingrid Carlqvist

Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims

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  • Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims
  • Nicolai Sennels, Ingrid Carlqvist
  • Page: 166
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  • ISBN: 9789188667335
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Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims by Nicolai Sennels In 2008, the psychologist Nicolai Sennels was dismissed from his job at the juvenile facility Sønderbro in Copenhagen. During the years he worked there, he had made unique and startling discoveries while treating the inmates, mostly young Muslim men convicted of various crimes. However, it was not primarily the scientific observations Sennels had made that cost him his job – it was the fact that his findings did not comply with the "core values" of the Copenhagen Municipality. Attempts were made to gag Sennels, but luckily did not succeed. Thanks to a severance pay, he was able to devote his time to writing down his experiences, and the result is this book: Among Criminal Muslims. Holy Wrath – Among Criminal Muslims, is an in-depth look at life behind the walls of the juvenile prison where Sennels worked for nearly three years. His story offers a singular opportunity to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind locked doors, and the book provides new insights into what criminal — and sometimes radicalized — young immigrants really say in the confines of the therapy room. In his three years at Sønderbro, Sennels treated hundreds of young criminals in therapy. The book is based on these conversations, but also includes references to statistics gathered in research and surveys. The conclusions are not altogether pleasant, and some will no doubt find them offensive. But they are well-founded.

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401,12; Medlemspris kr. 339,95 · Helig vrede af Nicolai Sennels. Helig vrede. af Nicolai Sennels · (0); E-bog, ePub; Pris kr. 169,95; Medlemspris kr. 84,95 · HolyWrath: Among Criminal Muslims af Nicolai Sennels. Holy Wrath: Among Criminal M… af Nicolai Sennels · (0); Bog, hæftet; Pris kr. 239,95; Medlemspris kr. 189,95  


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